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  1. I’m heading out there for a week solo in the gorge next week. My first time in the pacific northwest. Any advice?

    1. You picked a great time to come out – the wildflowers should still be going at higher elevations, and the snow’s pretty well melted out below 3500 feet. Have you picked a route yet? If you’re on the Oregon side, I’d strongly recommend looking into the Hatfield Trail (here: http://www.portlandhikersfieldguide.org/wiki/Mark_O._Hatfield_Trail_Hike). (Portland Hikers has the route starting at Multnomah Falls, but that route is currently impossible, because the Benson Bridge is impassable. I’d suggest instead starting a little west, at Angel’s Rest, then taking Trails 415 and 420 to meet up with the Larch Mountain Trail.) You might also consider asking around at Portland Hikers (here: http://www.portlandhikers.org/) – they’re very friendly and experienced, and a few of them having been hiking in the gorge since before I was born.

  2. This is one of the best sites out there for backpacking trip reports and learning about all that the PNW has to offers. I have really enjoyed reading the write ups and marveling at all of the pictures. The amount of content you guys post is unheard of, and from a fan, I want to say that keep doing what your doing. -B

  3. Just found your blog after seeing your Olympics post on Oregon Hikers Guide. I am intrigued by the olympics hike. I don’t think I am up for a 240 mi trip but wondering if you think there is a good 3-day route?

  4. hello,

    I am planning on hiking the Washington section of PCT this August 21, 2019. I am trying to find out how much water you carried on your PCT-Washington hike. Any information you can provide in that regard will be awesome! My email address is mchinnak@yahoo.com. I have tried google and am unable to find this information…..thanks!


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